We don’t think there should be any barriers to your creativity. That’s why we’ve made Reason available as a plugin to your DAW. Subscribe to Reason+ today and get thousands of legendary instruments and effects.

Reason as a plugin


Music-making without limits

Reason is the perfect expansion to your favorite DAW. The Rack is available as a creative sound design plugin for VST/AU/AAX formats. That means you can use it inside any music production software.

So, continue using your favourite DAW while taking advantage of thousands of world class instruments, devices, effects, loops, samples and presets in Reason+. It's a match made in heaven!


It’s like getting a huge pile of plugins in one plugin. I just really love it. A dream come true.

Andrew Huang, Musician and YouTuber

Whether you feel most at home in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro or FL Studio, Reason doesn't play favorites. We love them all!

Pick a DAW, any DAW

FL Studio

Logic Pro

Ableton Live

Pro Tools

What is Reason+?

Reason+ is a subscription service where you get all the tools you need to make music and find your own unique sound. Awesome software, professional instruments and effects and inspiring musical building blocks.


All you need – one subscription

Weekly Inspiring
sound packs
75+ legendary instruments & effects
Plugin rack for creative sound design
Up-to-date Reason software

Discover the Reason Rack Plugin

Feel that? It's the feeling of freedom. The Reason Rack plugin is like having a blank canvas and a packed toolkit.

It's whatever YOU want it to be for however YOU make music.

Sign up. You know you want to.


First month €1 only • Cancel any time • €19.99/month

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